WOOK Radio Program Sponsorships

Individual sponsorships of WOOK programming are an innovative way to announce your birthdays, weddings, club meetings, fundraisers, and other events while establishing a platform for showcasing D.C.-based music and culture.  Proceeds from program sponsorships go toward covering costs for WOOK's operations.  Sponsorship opportunities for small businesses are also available from $125.  

$35 Individual Sponsorship

Post your events on our community calendar and get a OK Radio DC T-shirt when you sponsor 1 hour of WOOK programming.

$75/month - Host Your Own Radio Program

All the privileges conferred with the $35 sponsorship, PLUS a 1-year WOOK membership -- including discounts on all OK Radio DC products, services, and events - and reservations for a weekly1-hour WOOK radio program (subject to availability). 

$60/month and up - Small Business Sponsorship

Entrepreneurs and small businesses with 25 employees or less receive online acknowledgements, 5-minute podcast interviews or naming rights to WOOK  programming when sponsoring 1 or more hours of WOOK programming

Corporate Partnerships

Socially responsible mid-sized and large companies (26 or more employees) are invited to join WOOK in promoting Washington area art and culture as underwriters of station programs, projects, and events. Inbox Joyce Ettingoff about designing a community investment plan for
your firm at j.ettingoff@wookradiodc.org or call (301) 915-5644